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Clouddrive-local hybrid pool, best practices/recommendations?



Hello all,


I bought Scanner/Drivepool/Clouddrive bundle recently and now have 20TB local pool and 32TB online pool.

Now the local pool is running out of space with only 1~2TB free. But my online pool consists of 2x16TB Clouddrive disks on Google account with unlimited storage, so it's easily expandable.


I'm thinking of making one giant 52TB pool from those two pools, as marginal cost of the said online storage is zero and managing one pool is easier than managing two, all else being equal.

Thing is, I have async connection with only about 9Mbit/s up and 130Mbit/s down. So uploading mere 1TB would take, like, 10 days, while saturating my upload all the time. Theoretically my online drives will have write speed of some 1MB/s which is very different from local HDDs.


Suppose I do make a giant pool to organize my data(mostly media, I have separate SSD for programs.)

Is this speed difference going to be too much of a problem? What can I expect in terms of performance, and is there anything I should be aware of when using such a pool?

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