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Storage transfer advice requested


Hey all,

Long time DP and CD user here. I have a mix of pools for various purposes but the majority of storage is audio/video/photos.

A few months ago, I bought a nice NUC for housing my Plex Server. That server has about 1TiB of internal storage used for OS, Plex and other related apps. It is streaming media however by accessing CIFS mounts on my home desktop (the original location of the Plex Server and media). This is far from ideal of course.

Today I purchased two 12 TiB external USB3 drives that I plan to use as primary pool storage, plus maybe another 6 TiB or so for various endeavors.

I intend to transfer my DP license to the NUC and install a second licensed copy of CD there as well. I will detach the media cloud drives and reattach to NUC before rebuilding my drive pools.

My main question is this: what is the best way to go about transferring everything? I have backups of almost everything in the cloud and a fast GigE Internet connection so I'm not super worried about risk. The two methods I thought of were -


  • Copy all media files to one of the 12TiB drives.
  • Move that drive to the NUC.
  • Create a drive pool on the NUC using the big drive just transferred.
  • Move the files to the hidden drivepool directory.
  • Add the other big drive (and possibly one or two CDs) to the pool.
  • Enable duplication.
  • Let it just do its balancing magic once I enable duplication.


  • Add one 12 TiB drive to the existing pool on my desktop.
  • Evacuate all other pool drives to the big one I just added.
  • ??? and here's where I get stuck. Can I "recreate" or "re-attach" the pool that has this one disk on the NUC? Is this option unnecessarily complicated?

Thank you.


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