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Missing Disk - Access Denied


I didn't want to re-open this thread:


But my issue is similar. My pool is made up of 100 TB of total disk space. The entire pool is duplicated. I have two pieces of software that run on this pool. At some point, one of my disks went offline due to a bad power strip. When this happened the pool (or at least the duplicated files from that disk) were set to read only mode. Now, I understand the logic behind this but it caused my software to panic and create all sorts of other problems and issues. So my question is...

Is there a way to set it so that if/when a disk goes missing in the pool as long as the data has been duplicated, the drive will continue to function and then sync the pool data with the drive that went missing? This would be my ideal solution. If that's not going to work, then the only other potential recourse would be to remove my software from the pool but that's the reason I have the pool in the first place. 

I tried to find the advanced option that was described in the above post to change that behavior but I can't find it. I know that post is from 2016 so it's a bit old at this point. Was this feature ever implemented? What are my options here if I want to continue to use the pool in the fashion I am choosing? In my specific case, I will always assume the data from the pool is more up to date than any files from a missing disk so I am ok with the pool files overwriting any changes that need to be made to the missing disk once it comes back. Thoughts?

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