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Need a pool for redundancy but keep hitting road blocks, please help!


So, I'm a long time user of both drivepool and scanner. I love them....and any issues I have had in the past have been worked through by this wonderful community. I'm turning to you guys again for input. I use drivepool on my home media server. Recently, I had a power supply issue on my main desktop pc that resulted in burning up my SSD and my data drives. I didn't have any backups or anything in place so I lost a lot of data.  I figured why not just add a pool with two data drives and have them mirror each other. Unfortunately , I had this thought after I had already reinstalled everything and got my pc running (which had now been several months).

So here's the problem. I have my ssd (c drive) and my data drive (d drive). I have "moved" my "my documents", "users", "app data", and all those files to be stored on my "d" drive. I also have most of my programs installed to the d drive. Well I can add this d drive to my pool; however, all the data is outside of the pool. Can I just "copy" all the data to the pool folder, change the drive letter to a different letter (or no letter at all) and rename the pool to the original d drive...and have all the system files and other folders work as needed? I won't be able to do this while the PC is running I suspect because some of the files will be "in use".

Any suggestions on how to proceed would be of great help.






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