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Drivepool/snapraid/copies/out of pool - fine points?


I'm setting up snapraid to use along with drivepool - lots of threads on here I've seen.  However, I'm running up against a couple things I haven't seen mentioned.

Unlike some others, I AM using some duplication and some DP balancing.  I realize that snapraid won't be able to complete parity until the balancing settles down - that's fine.  Once it's all rebalanced, the drives I'm using with snapraid will have static media files. 

Question 1: I have some files that will work better outside of the pool - such as image backups.  I've seen people recommend setting the base folder for snapraid as the poolpart folder rather than the root of the drive - though I've never understood the reason for this.  But doing that would presumably exclude files outside the pool. Would I be better off just setting the data drive to the root rather than the hidden poolpart file?  (Maybe if I understood the reason for doing the latter, this would be clear).

Also - as  snapraid does the sync, it's reporting files that it thinks are copies but have different file data than the "other file" with the same date and size. Those files appear to be file backups of a database that gets saved frequently in dated folders.  Snapraid says if it's a "false positive" I can rerun sync with a nocopy switch.  What's unclear to me is whether snapraid is saying "I'm not going to count these as different files unless  you use that option , so if you don't want me to ignore the additional file, use "nocopy".  


Thanks !

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