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SSD Cache Drives not emptying


I have 2  120GB SSD Cache drives That I want to use for nothing but cache.  I have them plugged in and the SSD Optimizer plugin to see them as Cache drives.  My goal is for these to be 100% flow-through with no data stored permanently.

Right now, both drives have 23.1GB of data stored on them.  It looks like the balancer moved files to them there based on date/time stamps.  When copying over about 75GB of files just now and watching the disk performance, it was writing directly to the Archive drives skipping the cache.

I've reset the plugin and it is the first on the list for priority.  Default is 75% fill for cache then 90% to archive.  There is still about 7.5 TB or room left in the pool not including cache drives.

Do I need to un-check the cache drives from the file placement tab?




To also add, I have 3 other Balancers enabled.  Maybe I need to turn 2 of them off?  The three others enabled (in priority order) are

  1. StableBitScanner
  2. Volume Equalization
  3. Duplication Space Optimizer

I'm thinking maybe these last 2 are the ones that might be conflicting here.

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I turned off the volume equalization and duplication stuff and Things seem... better but still functioning as expected.  For example, this morning, the drives had 15 and 16GB on it (yes, they were reported as being different, 1 reported 1GB of unduplicated data).  I changed my settings to force rebalance at 10GB and it fired off leaving 3GB behind.  With Balance Immediately checked, i wouldn't have expected this to stay.


The problem is, I can't find that 3GB, the drives, when navigated into appear empty.  I'm sure I've missed a folder or two since the cache doesn't clear/delete the empty folders but there's no way 100 empty folders maps to 3GB of data on each drive.   Either there's 3GB of super-hidden files somewhere or something is reporting wrong.



Balancing Page.PNG


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