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Just wondering if you can also put the content files in mount points, possibly the same drives you created mount points for the data disks? Like for example, would this work? In this example, the parity drive is its own drive, I am just mounting it to the same drive as the data drive mounts.

# Example configuration for snapraid for Windows

# Defines the file to use as parity storage
# It must NOT be in a data disk
# Format: "parity FILE [,FILE] ..."
parity Q:\snapraidmounts\Parity\p1\snapraid.parity

# Defines the files to use as additional parity storage.
# If specified, they enable the multiple failures protection
# from two to six level of parity.
# To enable, uncomment one parity file for each level of extra
# protection required. Start from 2-parity, and follow in order.
# It must NOT be in a data disk
# Format: "X-parity FILE [,FILE] ..."
#2-parity F:\snapraid.2-parity
#3-parity G:\snapraid.3-parity
#4-parity H:\snapraid.4-parity
#5-parity I:\snapraid.5-parity
#6-parity J:\snapraid.6-parity

# Defines the files to use as content list
# You can use multiple specification to store more copies
# You must have least one copy for each parity file plus one. Some more don't hurt
# They can be in the disks used for data, parity or boot,
# but each file must be in a different disk
# Format: "content FILE"
content Q:\snapraidmounts\Parity\p1\snapraid.content
content Q:\snapraidmounts\Data\d1\snapraid.content
content Q:\snapraidmounts\Data\d2\snapraid.content
content Q:\snapraidmounts\Data\d3\snapraid.content
content Q:\snapraidmounts\Data\d4\snapraid.content

# Defines the data disks to use
# The name and mount point association is relevant for parity, do not change it
# WARNING: Adding here your boot C:\ disk is NOT a good idea!
# SnapRAID is better suited for files that rarely changes!
data d1 Q:\snapraidmounts\Data\d1\PoolPart.9bb7d5be-8a2d-42eb-b0a0-2e415a787370
data d2 Q:\snapraidmounts\Data\d2\PoolPart.b91ae7a7-9156-4803-9073-43fe3785f076
data d3 Q:\snapraidmounts\Data\d3\PoolPart.0d01e48b-b40e-45b8-9804-1b1e87e69ed3
data d4 Q:\snapraidmounts\Data\d4\PoolPart.ec2b1283-f632-4dd1-8969-a88122237186

# Excludes hidden files and directories (uncomment to enable).

# Defines files and directories to exclude
# Remember that all the paths are relative at the mount points
# Format: "exclude FILE"
# Format: "exclude DIR\"
# Format: "exclude \PATH\FILE"
# Format: "exclude \PATH\DIR\"
exclude *.unrecoverable
exclude Thumbs.db
exclude \$RECYCLE.BIN
exclude \System Volume Information
exclude \Program Files\
exclude \Program Files (x86)\
exclude \Windows\


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