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Scan Completes and Loops Continuously on One Disk

Mick Mickle


(Tried to post this as a support contact, but the contact web pages produce only an error right now.)


With Scanner v in Essentials Experience VM of Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials, Scanner completes a scan of a 2TB Seagate drive with no errors, including a file system check, then it starts scanning all over again, and the status still erroneously says that portions of this disk have never been checked for problems. The same outcome occurs when scanning with v on the host.  Currently, that particular pass-through drive is working okay in DrivePool, and there are not SMART errors or warnings.


Earlier, a couple of days ago, the VM started to boot slowly and everything became wonky until I set the DrivePool service to manual.  With DrivePool service off, all seemed speedy and normal again.  But I brought all the DrivePool drives online on the host and ran a chkdsk on each.  On the particular drive in question, chkdsk /f couldn't complete and produced Windows event id 153 warnings.  Also, SMART showed 2 Current Pending Sector Count and 2 Uncorrectable Sector Count. I then ran the Scanner scan on it in the host, and after completion, it said that the file system was damaged and needed to be repaired.  Of course, Scanner then relies on chkdsk to do that (unfortunately, there's little feedback to chkdsk when you go through Scanner, whereas, you do get appropriate feedback when using the cmd line).  (Whatever happened to the Scanner feature to salvage data from damaged sectors or to state that there's no data on the damaged sectors?)  After hours of no feedback and the repair process still looking like it was underway, I stopped the process.  Since then, no performance issues with that drive, no SMART warnings (SMART even shows 0 Reallocated Sectors Count), but Scanner continues to loop the scan as described above.


I know the drive is "iffy", but why isn't Scanner working correctly on it?


Could use a little improvement in the repair interface through Scanner, which currently leaves the user in the dark as to its progress.


Edit: Since the Contact webpage is working today, I created a ticket on this.

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