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Error formatting second drive




I currently have a healthy 100TB Google drive mounted via CloudDrive and I would like to move the data to two 60TB Google drives. However when I attempt to create a new 60TB drive I get the following error:


    There was an error formatting a new cloud drive. You can try to format it manually from Disk Management.

    Value does not fall within the expected range.

      at CloudDriveService.Cloud.CloudDrivesTasks.CreateCloudPart.#R5c(TaskRunState #xag, CreateCloudPartTaskState #R9f, IEnumerable`1 #8we)
      at CoveUtil.Tasks.Concurrent.Task`1.(TaskRunState , Object , IEnumerable`1 )
      at CoveUtil.Tasks.Concurrent.TaskGroup..()
      at CoveUtil.ReportingAction.Run(Action TheDangerousAction, Func`2 ErrorReportExceptionFilter)


Attempts to format it manually from Disk Management also fail.

Interestingly, I can create a small drive of 10GB without any issues (I have not tried other sizes to see if there is a breaking point).

I have verified the OS is healthy (DSIM/SFC tests all pass).

I am attaching the error report that was generated along with the log file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.





ErrorReport_2019_03_20-11_55_05.9.saencryptedreport CloudDrive.Service-2019-03-20.log

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I was able to create the drives on another system, detach them and then attach them to the system which originally had the issue. This does not solve the underlying issue but is an acceptable workaround in this case.

Hopefully this will help others with the same issue.

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