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  1. This is still an issue - although it gets ignored. I cant use the software anymore since it cant format drives...
  2. Hi there I am running into problems again sadly. Every time when I want to create a cloud drive, no matter what provider, I get a message that it cant format the new drive: There was an error formatting a new cloud drive. You can try to format it manually from Disk Management. I see that clouddrive creates a new drive but it can never be formated and therefor in windows there is no new drive in my explorer, it also doesnt give the drive a driveletter (I assume since its unformatted). Is there anything I can do? I mean like this the software is unusable since I cant create dri
  3. I have exactly the same. I cant create new cloud drives suddenly. Also I get every few hours "internal Error" message on the one working drive. Can there be done something about that? Reinstalling Stablebit?
  4. I agree with you about the enterprise thingy. But I think my problem lies not there, since it works with other products more than fine. Lets focus on my speed issues. Well I can show you my setting: Maybe the prefetching is a bit too high? I played around with it actually and even set it off. There was no change. The other drive on this account has 1 up 1 down but does only read (at 50mbit/s 1 thread). I really dont knwo where it comes from that I get such low speeds. Btw, upload verfication is off
  5. I thought I set chunk size to 100 MB -- maybe I am wrong since when I check the size in the drive its 10 MB - that might explain it my wrong expectations. I use other tools for this space too - but they have their own google API Key (one for netdrive, one for rclone separatly). My Google space is actually for my business, so I consider it enterprise Maybne clouddrive isnt. What I mean with 50mbit/s wasnt clear I guess. The 2 drives have always only 1 threat shown and the speed is between 30 and 50 mbit/s. Since its just one, I only get that speed in total: as seen here
  6. Well, let me start first: I have 2 accounts, so 2 different drive. In Total I have: Account A: 2 Drives; Account B: 1 Drive. Since I lost multiple times data due to corruption, I dont want 1 256 TB Drive. I set it to 100MB chunks to get better speeds, but it is sitll at 50 mbit/s using 1 single thread. But ok I see that it works different. About the API: I set it to Internal, which means only people from Account A Organization can use that API, so the other ACcount B which is in another org. cant use it. But Stablebit offers only to use 1 API key in the settings. But I might go back
  7. I changed the settings to what you told me too. Eventhough I told it to use 5 download threats it still goes up to 12... No idea why that happens. 1 Threat is around 50mbit/s, with netdrive 3 I get 50 MB/s. Same with Rclone. One of my drives is another account (different gdrive user, different organization), I get the same there. This account obviously cant use my own API key, since I only set it up in the other account and as internal. But there is no setting for that at all - is it? Speed issues are for sure from clouddrive, since other software to google I get top speeds.
  8. Thank you, I will do that now and set up / down threats to a total of 15 over all drives. But can you tell me why I dont see any API hits on my own API?
  9. Thank you srcrist I indeed detached and reattached all drives... But you might be right, I use 10 download and 20 Uploads per cloud drive. But I have multiple cloud drives. I did that since the speed with less is abysmal.. You are talking about advanced setting? I opened the config with notepad -- do I switch something else on?
  10. Dear all I would like to ask a question. I often get that message on Downloading: I dont know what is causing it. I am far away from the 10TB limit of downloads of gdrive. I thought it might be an API Problem. So I set up my own OAUTH. The tutorial in the wiki is outdated and I dont know if I did all the steps right... I got the ClientID and the ClientSecret as seen here and added it to the clouddrive settings: When I check the google API Dashboard, there are no API hits shown. I set it up for RClone too and there it shows me that rclone makes API
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