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Scanner wakes up drives for SMART check



I’m using Scanner v2.5.0.2968 BETA on Windows Server 2008 R2. My drives are connected to a IBM m1015 SAS controller.


Standby is working fine; the drives go to sleep after the time I set in the Windows properties (currently 15 minutes). Scanner is correctly reporting the power state of the disks.


I don’t query the power mode directly from the disk. If I do, the drives don’t go to standby (at least the power mode doesn’t change to standby).


The first and smaller issue is that Scanner wakes up the drives for a SMART check. I set the ‘throttle queries’ option to 300 minutes and can see my drives spin up every 300 minutes. The option ‘Do not query if the disk has spun down’ has no effect. Scanner still wakes up the drive for a SMART check. The option ‘Only query during the work window or while scanning’ has no effect either. Drives wake up outside the working window. Here I am assuming that the work window is the time frame I set in the general tab.


The second and larger issue is, that Scanner wakes up all disks every couple minutes while scanning the surface. The time set in the ‘throttle queries’ option has no effect while scanning.


It seems that Scanner uses different methods to determine the power status. One that doesn’t wake up the drive to display the power state in the table. Another one that wakes up the drive to determine if a SMART check should be performed.


I would like to achieve the following behavior of Scanner: I only have to check the option ‘Do not query if the disk has spun down’. Scanner performs regular SMART checks (every couple of minutes is fine) if the drive is awake anyway.  Scanner behaves like that inside and outside of the working window and while scanning the surface. If a SMART check resets the standby timer of Windows, throttling the scans to 20 minutes is fine.


Could you please confirm that I didn’t miss a setting or point me in the right direction.





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