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Picasa problem



Hi all,


I'm currently running an HP MicroServer with WHS 2011 installed and using DrivePool.


I've installed Picasa to the server and I'm trying to get it to point to my folder with my photos in but it's not recognising it. Picasa recognises the individual drive letters (4* 2TB) but not the pooled drive.


I have seen the problem (and solution?) posted here but that doesn't mean much to me and my limited computing knowledge.


Would anyone know of a simplified solution or more instructions on the solution already posted please?


Many thanks in advance,



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I haven't tried this and don't use Picasa, but it sounds like they are saying that instead of trying to get Picasa to scan your pool drive (which doesn't work), you can tell it to scan your server's share.


In Picasa's dialog box where it asks you to point it to a folder to scan, instead of choosing drive P: or whatever your DrivePool virtual drive letter is, choose the share, i.e., the one that looks like \\your_server_name\Pictures.  So in Picasa's dialog box, it sounds like you're choosing the DrivePool disk that is on the left hand side under "Computer".  Instead, try choosing the Pictures share on your server that is listed under "Network".


If you don't see those shares listed, another way to get there is to enter "\\your_server_name\Pictures" or "\\your_server_name" into the field where you'd typically type a file name in an Open dialog box, and then press Enter.  The display will then show the contents of that share or server.  You can then select the folder you want to scan.


Not sure if this simplified things for you or not.  It's kind of hard to explain in words how to use a graphical window.

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