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File Placement Rules & SSD Optimizer don't work together



Here's the scenario I want:

  1. Anytime I place a file into my pool, it should land on my SSD "cache" first
  2. Then based on file placement rules at the next balancing (I only run balancing/duplication at night), it should place it on the correct drive. I have a folder X that contains files I access often and want on another SSD in the pool that is designated as an "archive" drive to allow for quick access. All other folders in the pool have that drive unchecked in file placement rules.
  3. If the file is placed in any other folder other than X, it should balance onto one of the other 4 drives in my pool, but not on the X drive.

I've tried turning off and on "file placement rules respect real-time file placement limits". If it's checked, then everything goes into the SSD Cache drive first, but then it ignores my file placement rules and places it onto another hard drive. If I uncheck it, it ignores my Cache SSD and all files (whether in that folder or not) go straight onto the slower spinning HDs.

I've also tried checking both the Cache SSD & the Archive SSD, and it still breaks in the same way as above.

I've tried turning off every other balancer except for SSD optimizer and nothing fixes this issue. Is this not possible with Drivepool?

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Future reference for anyone else who runs into this issue, I fixed it with the following settings:

  1. Under file placement settings, uncheck "unless drive is being emptied", but leave "file placement rules respect real-time..." checked. This is important because the SSD optimizer empties the drive, which is why it was overriding file placement rules.

  2. In file placement rules, Folder A should have the desired archive drive checked as well as the SSD cache drive.

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