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near offline backup with netdrive 2 and boxcrypter


After nearly $200 of experimenting on different software combinations, i finally have one that works. I cant say it works on the drivepool system, as ive not gotten it to work there, but that isn't unique to itself, its a finicky system. it is just as well, netdrive 2 and boxcryptor can be resource hogs.


netdrive2 can use amazon cloud drive (unlimited at $60 per year), and map it as a virtual drive.

boxcryptor then maps to that virtual drive (another virtual drive) giving you file name encryption(it looks like unicode korean, at least 64 characters) and otherwise transparent, random access; endless drive encrypted goodness.


amazon cloud drive shows as a 107 TB path, and it never seems to shrink. My upload pipe is 100mb, I have been pushing 350 gig a day to it.

boxcryptor is file encryption, any one file isn't depending on the environment to work, and it works from multiple systems at the same time.


Its arguably fragile, you can get on and wipe out the backup, its little more than a mapped drive.. but its been chugging along for a week for me. as a 'second' backup its very good, i can fill it with crap i wouldn't bother backing up otherwise.


-- netdrive2 caches EVERYTHING that passes through it, so you need to dedicate a whole drive to where the cache lives, and the intended backup material used in a 'move'.. so its deleted as soon as the transfer completes. the cache clears on reset. and its defiantly transferring, not waiting in que. the windows file copy will pause while netdrive uploads, then resume for the next file. use friendly copy apps. terra copy, or xxcopy command line have been fine.


restoring / coping back is a bit inconsistent, as it cashes that as well, so while your 'copy' may seem to be slow, its going into the cache first. I did 6 gig in about 45 minutes in a restore.

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