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Feature Request: Email notification




I have a feature request regarding the email notification function of Stablebit Scanner.

Due to certain circumstances, I am using multiple disks that have SMART warnings. (Please don't worry about the data on these disks, as it's all expendable.) While operating in this environment with Stablebit Scanner, I encounter a significant issue.

The problem is that when Stablebit Scanner detects abnormalities and sends an email notification, it lists all the disks currently with SMART issues.

The issue here is that when I receive an email notification from Stablebit Scanner, I can't determine which disk triggered the notification and which abnormality it detected.

Some disks with SMART warnings may not worsen over time, while others may see their SMART values deteriorate gradually.

With the current email notification system, it's difficult to ascertain this information.

Therefore, I would like the email notifications to include the content of the previous report simultaneously and highlight any changes that have occurred since the last notification.

This would help users in deciding whether they need to replace the HDD promptly or if there's some time before it becomes critical.

Best regards.

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