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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, Love drivepool and using it for 18 plus months. Other than the periodic server missing folders message in windows essentials dashboard that goes away when i reboot the server, its been great. I have been running for some time with two 4tb drives with duplication for entire pool including client backups. OS is on a separate SSD. I want to add an 8tb drive to the server (have physical space for it). Can i add the drive to the above pool but deactivate duplication selectively for this drive (as it impossible to duplicate nearly 7plus TB of files when i just have 1.5TB free available on the current pool) or make a second pool for just the 8tb or leave it entirely out of the pool. The main purpose of this 8tb is movies and tv shows that i dont need to duplicate (they are from my discs and i have the original ). I run plex on my server and Id like to point it to this additional 8TB drive in addition to some of the files already in the pool. Trying to find the cleanest solution. thank you EDIT: I cant seem to reply to your answer @Christopher (Drashna) Am i missing the reply button or does this thread only accept one reply? Using firefox. In any case...thanks for the suggestion on the server folders missing. Saves me the reboot :-) On the adding drive part, I gather you mean I can add a drive to a duplicated pool but that after doing that, I should under balancer-drive usage limiter, uncheck the box for duplicated and leave the check box for unduplicated for this 8tb drive? Thanks
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