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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, So adding one more gadget, i just ordered a perc H310 from ebay to give me access to more SATA drives in my dell t20. It seems everywhere i read, this is being discussed with flashing to the LSI 9211 IT mode, mostly though for freenas. I am running a win 2012 r2 essentials and drivepool. Do i gain in reliability or speed in flashing to the IT mode (vs the risks that i goof up while doing all those DOS boots) or should i leave it as it is with the dell firmware? Does drivepool handle one better than the other? (Dell vs lsi IT) Somewhere else i read that in this IT mode, drives dont get parked and that could be an issue (i have three HGST drives currently). To avoid it i have to do another bunch of steps to allow that or that i should leave the card in IR mode. Does leaving the dell Perc H310 with the dell firmware keep it in IR mode (i am a newbie, and despite reading the servethehome writeups, i just dont get what the IR mode actually is). thank you for reading and answering.
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