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  1. A few notes from a newbie

    OK, first, just in case any one here knows of Ikon, let me say, I'm not him. Ikon was my father. I say 'was' because he passed away in 2012. I inherited all his tech, including his forum and social media accounts, software licences, etc. Anyway, I am not the techie he was but, for the past 5 years, I've been learning. His notes, emails, forum posts, and just things we talked about over the years have been invaluable in getting me more up to speed. That said, in the past couple of days I've picked up a couple of things about DrivePool that I thought might be helpful to another newbie at some point. I had a 3-drive pool set up, and it was working fine until Scanner found some unreadable sectors on 1 of the drives and labelled it as Damaged. I tried Removing the drive from the pool, but it wouldn't work. The pool's whole page was kind of grayed out: I couldn't do anything on it. I shut down the computer, removed the 'damaged' drive, then booted up. DrivePool said the drive was missing (yup, it was; good of you to notice), but I still couldn't Remove it. I moved all of the data folders from the PoolPartGUID folder on each of the 3 drives to the root of each drive. Then I deleted the PoolPartGUID folders.... all except for one that simply would not delete. I got an error every time. This particular PoolPartGUID folder had a .covefs folder in it. It always seems to be that specific PoolPartGUID folder that won't delete. I finally got around this issue by getting Properties on the PoolPartGUID folder, going to Security, then Advanced, and giving Ownership of the folder to my account. After messing around with it a few times I was able to delete the folder. However, deleting the folder didn't completely solve the problem. Even though none of the drives had a PoolPartGUID folder on it any longer, DrivePool refused to list the drives in the list of non-pooled drives. Somehow, it thought the drives were still part of a pool, even though it no longer would display a page for that pool. I could have gotten around the issue by use Disk Manager to delete & recreate the partitions from all the drives, but I had almost 4TB of data on them. That's a lot of recopying. It was a Catch-22. Thanks to this forum, and Courtney (who is the most awesome tech support rep I've ever dealt with), I found out about the Reset All Settings feature, although it took me a couple of minutes to find it (it's in the Troubleshooting section in the tiny gear icon in the top right area of the DrivePool window). After resetting the settings, the 3 drives showed up in the list of non-pooled drives, and I was able to build a new pool with them. Many thanks to the posters in this forum, and many, many, many thanks to Courtney. Stablebit/CoveCube is very lucky to have him.