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Found 3 results

  1. mondog

    QNAP Hardware?

    Hello - I have been using WHS2011 and Stable Bit Drive Pool on a HP Proliant N54L for several years. I have been happy with it, and don't really want to change, however it is 2020 now and as i understand it, support for WHS2011 ended in 2016... So, I got my hands on a QNAP TVS-671 (Intel Core i5 based) NAS and was wondering if there is any way to still use Windows/Stable Bit Drive Pool with this hardware? The NAS does support VM's, but it has to be set up in some way (either JBOD or RAiD) before I can create/use VM's, so I don't a VM running Windows/Drive pool would work.. Would it? Or even there's a way to run Windows/Stable Bit Drive Pool on a separate physical machine, and then use the NAS as a 6 bay enclosure connected by a single cable, with Drive Pool providing the fault tolerance, etc, I would be interested in that..Or any other suggestions for a way that I could use this QNAP NAS hardware with Windows/Stable Bit Drive Pool... Any ideas/suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks!!
  2. Hey Guys - Quick question which I couldn't find the answer to when searching. Should Windows 10's (Current Branch) built in "Scheduled Optimization" be turned On or Off for pooled disks / SSD cache? I have used DrivePool for years now and am currently running which maintains a 43.9tb pool comprised of 10 platter disks and a single 250GB SSD for caching. Been having intermittant File System Damaged errors in Scanner recently and trying to see if I can improve how things are configured. Applying feature updates for Win10 unfortunately resets many settings system wide (at least for me) and currently has all disks scanned / defragged if needed weekly and since my pool only has 650gb free, am sure it's taking tons of resources when having to perform this. Thanks!
  3. Hi Firstly sorry for another migration post - I was expecting to find a sticky setting out step by step the process and considerations, I am migrating my server from WHS2011 onto Windows 10 Proffesional and have a couple of queries about the process and outcome. I have looked at other posts and as far as I can see the process is; de-register the drivepool license physically disconnect the pool hard drives install Windows 10 pro install and register drivepool reconnect the pool drives drivepool will find the pool and set it back up again Are these steps right? Will the current pool drive letter be preserved ? Will I have any issues with file ownership given that I am effectivly sticking exsiting data drives into a different PC Are there any other issues I need to be aware of Thanks in advance.....
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