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Found 7 results

  1. Hey, I noticed that since re-installing the pool to my new server that the drives are not balancing. I found some other posts here about disks not balancing and tried all the fixes but there is still no balancing going on. I have 2 disks at > 90% full, one at ~80% and 2 at roughly 50% full. I have tried all balancers turned on or just enabled the basic ones. The server is also set to balance immediately. Any ideas?
  2. Hey Guys, recently I had my WHS boot drive die and along with that I was getting lots of hard lockups and disks reporting various smart errors. I have re-installed everything and now I am noticing hard locks again. Before the install and now after the fresh install I am noticing that the hard locks occur during Scanner drive scans and it is occuring on different disks now compared to before the fresh install. Has anybody ever noticed these hard lockups before while scanning the disks?
  3. Hey guys, recent I had to reinstall the drivepool in my WHS and so far everything is good but I though I would start a new thread because of some weird performance issues I am having. When I write to my pool I use to get speeds of 110MB/s consistently and now my speeds fluctuate like a roller coaster with dips to 0 MB/s that can last for up to a minute. Any ideas on what could be causing these speed fluctuations? The speeds are so bad that some files are failing during transfer. @Drashna, do you still have that forum post from back in the day at the WGS forums that showed how to optimize media playback without stuttering on WHS? It was in your sig in the forums IIRC.
  4. Hey Guys, long time no post for me. Recently my WHS 2011 boot drive died and I am unable to restore my OS using the system image restore so I am doing a fresh install of WHS on a new drive. My pooled drives should still be fine but I was wondering what the procedure will be to restore the the pool. I know I have to transfer my license to my new install probably but once that is done do I just plug the drives in and will it just automatically add them or what? A little guidance would be appreciated, thanks.
  5. Dear all, I'm an happy user of WHS v1. I have very basic needs - File duplication on the WHS - External backup that I keep in a different house/city At the moment WHS v1 works perfectly with DE and Backup. I would like to add an additional layer of security and having for top folders a 3 way duplication on the WHS instead of a simple duplication. I saw very interesting feature of Drive Pool and I wonder if anyone is using it successfully on WHS v1. I'm not considering an update since I'm fine the current set-up at the moment Cheers, thanks Maurizio
  6. I have searched for this and found it to be a problem, but I am not able to find some help for what is going on with my situation. I have 4 drives (2, 2TB, 2, 4TB), on WHS 2011 using drivepool ver, all the drives are using around 70% capacity (average) The only thing wrong with the drive is a head parking count, but scanner or home server smart is not projecting any failure. I tagged one of the 2TB drives for removal and it is not showing any progress at all after 20 hours. if I go into "drives" it shows that is has a remaining capacity of 700GB, in "removing" status and this has been like that the entire time. I have found that I can tell the pool not to use the drive in advanced settings, but now I have to stop the removal process to do that. I need some help here... What should I do? Should I stop the process and then tell the pool not to use the drive? (I don't know how to stop the removal process) I just don't think it's actually working because it's not showing any progress and the drives are not getting any warmer indicating they are working hard. Please help, thank you
  7. OK, I'm positive this has been spoken to before, I did find several posts similar but none that put it all in the same thread. My machine is running WHS 2011 and StableBit I have 4 internal drives connected to the motherboard (SATA) and 1 USB3 drive (2 GB) attached to the pool. There are 2 additional USB drives attached, 1 for C: drive backups and 1 as a (manual) mirror for a few folders in the pool. I'm getting ready to remove two drives (1 TB each) from my pool and install 2 new 4 TB drives, What is the BEST way to handle this? Microsoft "server backups" are not an issue for me. I do use that function to backup the c: drive to a dedicated USB drive but don't run local backups on the pool drives. I consider the built in duplication plus an offsite mirror of the pool to be sufficient. I hate the thought of having to recover from the cloud (would take weeks) but hope to never have to do it. My plan is to slap the new drives into the hot swap bay of my Windows 10 machine, format them GPT with 2 equal sized NTFS partitions. Once that is done I'll run an extended SMART test and assuming there are no errors install into the server and add the partitions to the pool. Once the pool balances I'll do the 2nd drive the same way. ---->> Questions <<----------- Is there a better plan? My research indicates that WHS is fine with GPT and I like the extra protection against MBR failures it offers. StableBit shouldn't care one way or the other should it? I don't HAVE to partition at 2 TB but if I change my mind about "server backup" doing it that way keeps this option open. Is there any downside to partitioning the drives (aside from the microscopic capacity decrease)? Thanks in advance for your advice and thanks for an awesome product. I'm 34 months in without a single issue. Flawless work guys!!
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