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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Community, Just encountered an unusual situation with the Stablebit DrivePool, and I'm hoping for some advice or insights. Here's the short version: Originally, my goal was simple: move installed games from my C : (system drive) to my F: (DrivePool drive). Unfortunately, things haven't gone to plan. Both the Xbox app and Windows 'Installed Apps' function present error codes when I attempt to make the move—0x80070002 and 0x801f00f, respectively. To my surprise, these error codes remain consistent regardless of the game I'm trying to move. In an effort to solve this issue, I attempted to create another DrivePool drive. This, too, resulted in the same error codes. A ray of light in this scenario came when I used StableBit CloudDrive to create a new drive (X:), with the F: (DrivePool drive) chosen as the local drive. This approach worked! I was able to transfer games to the X: drive without any errors, which effectively moved them to the F: drive. Based on these experiences, I suspect that this could be related to a DrivePool driver issue. I would appreciate any feedback—has anyone else faced this issue? Does my hypothesis about a DrivePool issue seem plausible? If you have encountered this problem, do you have any recommendations on resolving it? Looking forward to your insights
  2. I was wondering if there was any documentation or information on how the .covefs folder within the pool folder of an attached drive works? I am running into an issue that I'm troubleshooting and would like to know more about the function of this folder so that I can avoid making an changes that could corrupt the pool data. In particular, can I delete the files in the folder without issue?
  3. version DP Error: "Error Adding Drive: cannot add the same disk to the pool twice" Hello, Need help resolving this error so that the disk with drive letter "I:" (as shown by the attached screenshot) may be returned to the pool. The error occurs when clicking the "+ Add" 'link'. Drive "I:" had stopped being recognized by DP after the system came out of sleep. Thank You
  4. Hello, I've been using DrivePool on my home server with good results and decided to try it on my main PC w/ two 4 TB HGST NAS drives, two 1 TB WD Black drives, and a 1 TB M600 SSD (not OS). The issue is that all files that I move to the pool are written to the drive "HGST-2b", which is relatively slow. The files get balanced to the correct drives, but I don't want to slow down write speeds (ideally, the pool would write to multiple different drives at once dependent on file placement rules). Short of removing drive 2B and reinstalling, here the things I've tried: Immediate and unlimited balancing, no duplication Disabled all plugins except SSD Optimizer and Space Equalizer Emptied two drives and set Space Equalizer plugin to percentage used Installed the SSD plugin at top priority and set two drives as SSDs The folders that the files are in are NOT allowed to be on drive 2B and files are never allowed to be placed on a disk other than those specified I'm at a loss. Any ideas?
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