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  1. Hello, I've been using DrivePool on my home server with good results and decided to try it on my main PC w/ two 4 TB HGST NAS drives, two 1 TB WD Black drives, and a 1 TB M600 SSD (not OS). The issue is that all files that I move to the pool are written to the drive "HGST-2b", which is relatively slow. The files get balanced to the correct drives, but I don't want to slow down write speeds (ideally, the pool would write to multiple different drives at once dependent on file placement rules). Short of removing drive 2B and reinstalling, here the things I've tried: Immediate and unlimited balancing, no duplication Disabled all plugins except SSD Optimizer and Space Equalizer Emptied two drives and set Space Equalizer plugin to percentage used Installed the SSD plugin at top priority and set two drives as SSDs The folders that the files are in are NOT allowed to be on drive 2B and files are never allowed to be placed on a disk other than those specified I'm at a loss. Any ideas?
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