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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I'm new to this forum and the whole Stablebit community. I've been a happy owner of DrivePool and Scanner for about a month now and just bought the whole shabang. I've also bought a new hdd which I wanted to add to the pool which already has 2 hdd's in it. I'm using MCM (Media Center Master) to manage my media collection. It's generating a lot of files, xml, jpg, tbn etc. I'm aware of, that when you have a lot of small files it takes a lot of time to copy all the files and that's understandable. My problem relies on the calculating yellow loading thingy in the bottom of DrivePoolUI. It has been calculating for 5 maybe more days (heck I can't even remember when it started ;-) and I can't se where it's going or how much there's left of the copying (duplication). The biggest problem with all of this is that I can't add my new hdd. Everytime i push the Add+ button, the DrivePoolUI freezes and I'm most certaion it's because of the calculation. I'm running low on disk space and it still duplicating all of it. Soon there'll not be any disk space left to copy to. Anyone else out there who have that exact problem? (don't know if it's a "problem" because of all the small files, around 127.000). Are there any tweak to make DrivePoolUI take up all the CPU power and just be done with it? Bonus info: 2 days ago I ripped my girlfriends tv show; charmed. When MCM was done with the files, there's 966 files. When I look at the file performance and logs, it's still copying and finding new files to copy even today. If I have to wait 2-3 days for a 1000 files to be duplicated there's no reason why I should duplicate because if the drives fails between duplcation i'll just loose my hard work anyways. The attached image is 2 days ago and it consumed a lot more disk space. Hope someone can help or atleast explain to me how this hole thing works. Best regards Valdimarsson
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