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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Guys - I've used Stablebit DrivePool and Scanner for at least a couple of years now and love it - thanks for the great work. I do, however, have one issue that I haven't ever gotten resolved... Issue: Disappearing / Reappearing Folders I've had this issue for well over a year now and have been using a workaround which will no longer work due to new scripting I'm putting in soon. I have a fairly large pool (stats below) which mostly contains media files. The issue I'm experiencing is only in one folder / path and it happens to be one which has the most folders within its root c
  2. Hey Guys - Over the past few years, the size of my pool has grown dramatically in size where I'm getting to the point where upgrading requires going from 4tb disks to 8tb ones instead of adding a new disk. The pool is in my primary PC (specs below) which I use for everything you can imagine including work, gaming, VMs, personal web hosting, scripting, and more. I'd really like to have the pool offloaded from this PC to another device. Unfortunately, I'd probably have to sell my truck to afford an 11 disk NAS or similar enterprise-level device. As I still have another case, I'm
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