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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Guys, I have recently purchased 3 licenses of Stablebit Scanner to monitor my micro servers, I have a variety of HP Gen 7/8 & 10. After a lot of research Stablebit looked to be the best choice for my needs and the fact it has push notifications was a real win. I'm really liking the interface and simplicity of the software, lightweight in terms of CPU usage and overall footprint. One question I do have... I'm not sure I am interpreting the Heat notification options correctly! I basically want push notifications sent to my mobile once the temperature reaches a certain threshold, I have done a few experiments and am getting mixed results. For the purpose of my tests I disabled the "Use Manufacturer specified maximum operating temperature" option and opted just for "Maximum Temperature. I set this to 36c to see if I would get a notification (this was the temp of one of the discs), the interface turned amber but did not push an alert. I then dropped it to 34c, interface turned red and I did receive 1 alert. How many alters should I receive if the temperature either hits/remains at the threshold I set or alternatively keeps rising? I only seemed to get 1 notification! Do I need to set threshold within a certain tolerance (amber/red) before I will receive a notification? Would really appreciate some guidance to ensure I get the best out of the software. Kind Regards Tylor
  2. This isn't really a DrivePool question directly, but my comp tends to have drive overheats, which isn't good. Obviously the real fix is hardware, (fans, etc) but in the interim, would it be better to have DP fill my biggest drive, then the next, then the next, etc. instead of having it spread across all the drives, allowing the smaller/older drives at the end of that list to be unused and idle and not generating heat in the case, OR.... is it best to spread it out among all the drives evenly even though the case seems to have trouble keeping up. If that makes sense. Which it may not. Basically, acknowledging that this is a hardware issue and not a DP issue, how can I optimize DP to minimize drive overheats?
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