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  1. Is this support forum still monitored or maintained after you purchase a subscription?
  2. Hi Guys, I have recently purchased 3 licenses of Stablebit Scanner to monitor my micro servers, I have a variety of HP Gen 7/8 & 10. After a lot of research Stablebit looked to be the best choice for my needs and the fact it has push notifications was a real win. I'm really liking the interface and simplicity of the software, lightweight in terms of CPU usage and overall footprint. One question I do have... I'm not sure I am interpreting the Heat notification options correctly! I basically want push notifications sent to my mobile once the temperature reaches a certain threshold, I have done a few experiments and am getting mixed results. For the purpose of my tests I disabled the "Use Manufacturer specified maximum operating temperature" option and opted just for "Maximum Temperature. I set this to 36c to see if I would get a notification (this was the temp of one of the discs), the interface turned amber but did not push an alert. I then dropped it to 34c, interface turned red and I did receive 1 alert. How many alters should I receive if the temperature either hits/remains at the threshold I set or alternatively keeps rising? I only seemed to get 1 notification! Do I need to set threshold within a certain tolerance (amber/red) before I will receive a notification? Would really appreciate some guidance to ensure I get the best out of the software. Kind Regards Tylor
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