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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! Most recently, I learned about a program like StableBit CloudDrive, with the idea of creating virtual disks based on cloud storage. I decided to try it, downloaded the latest version. The program impressed with some simplicity and the availability of support for popular cloud services, and did not forget about the support of local PC services, like SMB. Great respect to the developers! I have such a task, to create a virtual drive based on Google Team Drivers. How do I set up self-interaction between Google Team Drivers and StableBit CloudDrive ? I will be grateful f
  2. Reading through these steps I originally missed the tidbit at the end: So, to be clear, does this mean I am unable to switch an existing drive to use my newly setup API keys. I went through this process 3 or 4 days ago and I just signed back into the Google Cloud Console and looking at the API monitoring sections it shows no usage, which is what triggered me to go reread the document. I am looking to confirm if the changes made in the ProviderSettings.json will not kick in until I make a NEW DRIVE connection and what that means for a drive that was mounted/connected BEFORE going
  3. Tuta

    Google Corruption

    All, I have a 16TB encrypted drive on Google. At sometime, over the past week, folders have gotten corrupted and are no longer accessible to me. Some remain viewable/explorable. I have attempted to run chkdsk to hopefully repair whatever issue there might be, but the process hangs at the same point each time I attempt. Are there any other suggestions to try and regain access to the data and folder structure? (Although the data is replaceable, it does amount to a not-insignificant time-sink for me to recover from other places.) Thanks for any help!
  4. Hey, guys, I had a CloudDrive on Google with multiple Terabytes of Data, and while attached it no longer is displaying my files. Here are the actions I took before this happened. 1) Ordered SSD to use as SSD Cache Drive for DrivePool 2) Installed SSD, but wasn't being detected --> restarted 2 times until I saw drive available in device manager, but not assigned letter/partition 3) On the 3rd restart, opening Disk Management (W10) Prompt came up for unidentified drive asking if I wanted MBR or GPT --> Opted for GPT, but drive did not appear in Disk Management, 2nd res
  5. skapy

    copying cloud 1:1

    Hello, I want to copy my amazon cloud drive to google drive. Is it possible to clone it 1:1? Copying all folders and files takes too long because amazon cloud drives gets after some time disconnect from stablebit clouddrive and it needs me to click manually on "retry". Is it possible to clone with rclone or similair tools the whole acd stablebit cloudrive to gdrive? thanks!
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