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  1. Such a question: is it possible to use a virtual disk as iscsi storage? Thank you :)
  2. Another question: How do I re-mount a virtual disk? After executing the "Detach .." \\\\ The question is removed Detaching your Drive & Reattaching your Drive
  3. Clear. Well, I will observe the design and try to choose the optimal parameters And are these indicators? More and more interesting, more interesting it becomes how many opportunities your programs open Great respect!
  4. Thank you very much for the answer I already understood this by browsing the forum topics. But I decided to try experimenting with Google Team Drivers mount programs and see how they work with StableBit CloudDrive. With Raidrive, it works well, but there are some problems associated with jerky data rates. Because of this, the video breaks when playing on Apple Tv over a local network, whether via SMB or FTP. With Mountain Duck, so far not able to mount on normal Team Drivers, mounts like Google Drive Maybe I didn’t correctly set up the mounted drive It was interesting to h
  5. Hello! Most recently, I learned about a program like StableBit CloudDrive, with the idea of creating virtual disks based on cloud storage. I decided to try it, downloaded the latest version. The program impressed with some simplicity and the availability of support for popular cloud services, and did not forget about the support of local PC services, like SMB. Great respect to the developers! I have such a task, to create a virtual drive based on Google Team Drivers. How do I set up self-interaction between Google Team Drivers and StableBit CloudDrive ? I will be grateful f
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