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Found 3 results

  1. I activated the first DrivePool back in January on a server 2019. All was well and never had to make any change, except to use it. Due to the success, I am activating a second DrivePool on a PC. This time, I started with a drive that is almost full of data, so some confusion that need help. Sorry. Here are the steps that I took: 1> PC has 3 drives: C (System, 1TB), D (new volume, no data, 12TB), E (folders with data, 12TB) 2> Installed & activated DP app -> DP created new drive letter F (volume name DrivePool, no data, 2TB) ????????? 3> Within DP app -> Added Drive D + E -> Remove Drive Letter D & Changed it's volume name to DP1 4> Changed Drive E name to D. Questions: a> What is that new DrivePool (drive letter F, 2 TB)? shouldn't it be 24 TB (the total of Drive DP and Drive Family-Media D). See picture #3. b> I'd think, and would like to have, both (Drive DP and Drive Family-Media D) be within DrivePool F and drive letter D be changed to DP0. Please advise what (and how) to do, as I'm confused. Thanks
  2. I'm a newbie so be kind. I currently am getting ready to install DP under Win7 and abandon my wonderful WHS system. WHS is managing data for three computers. I have 600+GB of data on three logical drives under WHS. I am using Crashplan to back all of this up. I have a W: drive with music, an X: drive with data and a Y: drive with lots of downloaded stuff (400+GB). Each drive has many (hundreds) folders. I plan on pooling three 2TB drives after I copy the data to them and use the technique at http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q4142489 Can I keep the three logical drive types with their folders using DP? I'm going to create one more drive letter after the pool is set up that will be used for backup for my home computers. Can it be kept separate also?
  3. tkn

    Drive letters... again

    Current drive letter setup: C: OS SSD F: Non-pooled HD EGHI: Pooled HDs J: DrivePool What I want to do is have it be this: C: OS SSD D: Non-pooled HD E: DrivePool WXYZ: Pooled HDs (preferably not seen at all). I've read a ton of the random posts. So what is the process to get this to work?
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