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Found 4 results

  1. RichardAP

    Disk Activity

    Hi, I’m a new user (about 5 hours in) and have everything pretty much set up. However in the UI I’m not seeing Disk activity. I see Read/Write on the left side but the disk performance side is blank, it just says no activity on the pool, even while the other side is showing 110mb read. Am I missing something? Thanks
  2. version DP Error: "Error Adding Drive: cannot add the same disk to the pool twice" Hello, Need help resolving this error so that the disk with drive letter "I:" (as shown by the attached screenshot) may be returned to the pool. The error occurs when clicking the "+ Add" 'link'. Drive "I:" had stopped being recognized by DP after the system came out of sleep. Thank You
  3. While I'm not sure exactly when this happened, all of my disk location with the case/bay information appears to have been lost. I'm running 2.5.3216 (website says, but programs and features reports 2.5.3216) on Windows 10. Is this a known issue? I've got like 10-12 disks on this machine, and what's worse is that I don't think I actually have this information easily available without taking stuff offline. Not the end of the world, but obviously inconvenient. I actually have a full system backup going back 2 weeks, 6 months, and almost a year.....is that data stored somewhere, like in a config file? Why do you think this might have happened? An upgrade to a newer version fails to preserve it? Is this a symptom described here in the release notes: I use mount points like c:\array\diskxyz within Windows 10. Can I fix this? Thanks, Keith
  4. Bic

    Corrupt pool / disk

    I am running Windows 2012R2, and I have 4 * 3 TB drives in a pool, with 2 * data duplication set. On Sunday I woke up to an alert from Scanner saying I had a bad disk. The GUI showed that the overnight (monthly) scan had detected a bad sector on one of my disks. I ran the file identify / recovery tool, and that said no files were affected. I then marked all the sectors on the disk as unchecked, and started a scan again, and this time all completed ok. I assumed that either there wasn’t really a bad sector, or that the disk had auto re-mapped it, however the SMART info doesn’t show any remaps. All was ok until this morning, I woke to several errors from my overnight file copy backups. I seems that they wasn’t able to write to several folders on the pool. I checked for a few of the folders by looking in the hidden pool folders and that showed that (for the few I checked) one of the duplicated copies were on the same disk that I had issues with on Sunday. When I tried to open folders / files (sometimes at the top level, sometimes several sub folders down) I got “G:\PoolPart….etc…etc... The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error”. Scanner shows the disk as ok, and it’s on-line etc in windows Device manager. I tried creating a folder and file on the disk outside of Drivepool, and that worked ok. I tried a chkdsk but that came back “the type of file system is RAW. CHKDSK is not available for RAW drive”. So, something not right, but now how best to proceed. Thinking a server re-boot will either sort, or will totally take the disk down. Wondering if it’s worth removing the disk from the pool first, but if I do that will Drivepool then re-duplicated data that is now not duplicated, and how will it handle the fact that it seems data isn’t readable. Thanks.
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