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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! I have had this problems for a few weeks now. I use CloudDrive as an backend to plex, in the biginning everything went great! But now, every night clouddrive will disconnect. The error that i receiv is in the console is: "<nameofdrive> is having trouble downloading data from Google Drive in a timely manner. Error: Thread was being aborted. This error can be caused by having insufficient bandwidth or bandwidht throttling. " Second error messages is saying : "<nameofdrive> is having trouble downloading data from Google Drive. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet and have sufficient bandwidht available. " And every morning i wake up the drive have disconnected, resulting in i have to rescan some libraries from time to time. I'm sure that my network is not the problem, everything else is working great and the second google drive does not disconnect (I have two drives). I have tried do disable "Perform extensive media analysis during maintenance" in Plex without an effect. Any tips in my situation? Thanks for a great software! edit: I am on the lates beta release(
  2. I have been using StableBit DiskPool for several years. I'm a true believer. I rarely have to touch it, sometimes it goes a year at a time without much attention. But recently, I see something I don't understand. My U: drive, is up and down, on and off the pool. It gets reported as off, and within a few seconds it has reconnected. I have installed a power supply I think is big enough, since most of the disks are in an external enclosure with it's own power. I don't see this same problem with any other drive. I have moved the drive to different location in the cabinet, to test wires, power, etc. When I put it in an external dock, still does same thing.. So I cloned it to an identical new drive, and put it back in the main cabinet. New drive, still does same thing. I have run dskchk on it, and it has a few problems, then it should be ok. Every time I reboot, dskchk wants to give it some attention, but not that much, so I'm not sure what to do now. I've moved the data to a new drive, same issue; I'm thinking filesystem problems.. This may be a Windows thing, but still, it's got exclusively DiskPool files on it. And I have attempted to remove and add it back to the pool. No help. I am a veteran windows user, and I have tried everything I can think of (so far) to isolate this to a disk, or filesystem, or something I can deal with directly to fix it. I'm seriously thinking of adding a new drive to the pool, then migrate files off the new U: drive, and see what that does for me, but I can't imagine that should really be necessary. Any suggestions?
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