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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, My VPS keeps crashing overnight for some reason and takes the server completely offline, I assume it is blue screening. I have reason to believe it's CloudDrive / Drivepool causing it. I submitted my logs for both CloudDrive + Drivepool earlier via my email danjames92@hotmail.com. CloudDrive / Drivepool BETA / Server 2012 R2 with all patches.
  2. Hi Covecube, I use StableBit CloudDrive a lot and I really like the tool. Today I encountered problems because my local drive was full, there was no single megabyte storage left. I restarted the computer and then problems began. CloudDrive can no longer mount the cloud drives, when it tries to mount, it downloads a few bytes into the cache before it resets to 0 bytes cache + saved. The software no longer works. One clouddrive of mine still had a lot of files to upload to Google Drive, so it would be a pity if those are lost. What can I do and how you can help me? - Calv
  3. I tried to fill out the contact form but it is not working. I just upgraded my HP EX495 with Q9550S cpu and 4gb of ram. I performed a clean install of WHS2011, with all windows updates. installed Drivepool and Scanner. Moved my server folders from D:/ to the drivepool E:/ and added the rest of my drives and copied all of my data over. Everything seems fine until I run Newleecher. After I select some blurays to download and check back in a few hours I find that newleecher and the server is locked up completely. I cannot even end the task. Have to hard reboot. I performed a
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