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Found 1 result

  1. Bic

    Corrupt pool / disk

    I am running Windows 2012R2, and I have 4 * 3 TB drives in a pool, with 2 * data duplication set. On Sunday I woke up to an alert from Scanner saying I had a bad disk. The GUI showed that the overnight (monthly) scan had detected a bad sector on one of my disks. I ran the file identify / recovery tool, and that said no files were affected. I then marked all the sectors on the disk as unchecked, and started a scan again, and this time all completed ok. I assumed that either there wasn’t really a bad sector, or that the disk had auto re-mapped it, however the SMART info doesn’t show any remaps. All was ok until this morning, I woke to several errors from my overnight file copy backups. I seems that they wasn’t able to write to several folders on the pool. I checked for a few of the folders by looking in the hidden pool folders and that showed that (for the few I checked) one of the duplicated copies were on the same disk that I had issues with on Sunday. When I tried to open folders / files (sometimes at the top level, sometimes several sub folders down) I got “G:\PoolPart….etc…etc... The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error”. Scanner shows the disk as ok, and it’s on-line etc in windows Device manager. I tried creating a folder and file on the disk outside of Drivepool, and that worked ok. I tried a chkdsk but that came back “the type of file system is RAW. CHKDSK is not available for RAW drive”. So, something not right, but now how best to proceed. Thinking a server re-boot will either sort, or will totally take the disk down. Wondering if it’s worth removing the disk from the pool first, but if I do that will Drivepool then re-duplicated data that is now not duplicated, and how will it handle the fact that it seems data isn’t readable. Thanks.
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