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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, I believe this may be the root cause of a number of issues on my server. DrivePool appears to lose connection to its service despite the fact the service is running. I'm assuming it uses port 27525 for communication and I'm unable to manually telnet to that either. I've tried manually stopping/starting the service and that doesn't help. If you see the attached screenshot it was attempting to do this for over 12 hours. The only way I can get around it is via a reboot, however I seem to have have to flip the power off because it just gets stuck at the "rebooting" stage once this happens, which is rather annoying! Which leads me to wonder if it's a driver issue? I've attached the service log if it's of any help. I put a new disk in last night and had set it up to start mirroring my files to it, which I was hoping would have finished by this morning but clearly not. For the record the scanner is working perfectly fine and I'm assuming you use the same communication method. Cheers . DrivePool.Service-2014-10-26.log
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