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Found 2 results

  1. I've been struggling with this for days. I've rebooted multiple times. I've disabled all start up programs so nothing is accessing the cloud drive. I've transfered over small files to upload all content even the kilobytes and it still won't detach. I've been at this for days now. I would like to safely detach so i can reconnect to a new computer. I had to wait for upload to finish and that took days now this is taking days.. PLEASE HELP edit: UPDATE: still can't detach cloud drive after another 24 hours of trying. I've restarted the computer. I've re
  2. Came across a problem last week and wanted to ask. DrivePool (Latest Beta Version BTW) - When system restarts, Re-check, of for some reason. Default seems to be the order in which the system has identified the drive. IE D: 3434395 (Disk 1) thru X: 3435787654 (Disk 15) Drive Cloud (Latest Version) Settings in drive pool: duplicate only. 2 Virtual Drives set at 10TB List as Disk 16 & 17) I have watched it go thru a recheck many times and it always starts and ends that way. I was tempted to try to link the Drive Cloud and Drive Pool together with the Drive Cloud handling a
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