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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone, New to the drivepool game here, absolutely loving this software. Has made storage and backup so much easier. Sorry if these are stupid questions here. 1. I seem to be a bit confused how the "Folder duplication" process works. I have one of my movies folders set to duplicate, it's around 2.5tb. However, when I turn on duplication, the duplication across all my drives is around ~5.7tb. I don't have any other folders set for duplication, why would this figure be so high? I guess I was expecting duplication to be around the same size as the folder I was duplicating (2.5tb). Is the duplication figure the size of original folder plus the size of the duplication? 2. Am I able to safely add my C:/ drive to my pool? It's a 1TB SSD, I was hoping to harness some of its speed as a cache drive as it's mostly empty right now. Is this safe/possible? Thanks again for the phenomenal product, probably the happiest I've been with a software purchase in a long time.
  2. Can you install a DrivePool on the same hard drive as the OS? On an older Vista 32 bit system, I will install a new 2TB hard drive, and recover the OS using WHS. Then install DrivePool. I want to then create a D: partition (simple volume). May I place the D: drive into the pool? Eventually, I plan to add a second physical drive and place this drive into the pool.
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