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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, I've been using DrivePool for a long time on my Windows Server 2012R2 box. I'm on the current build of DrivePool (934). I'm currently getting random BSODs that seem to suggest a failing piece of hardware. Memory passes, CPU isn't overheating... so, it's not good. I also have a Mediasonic eSATA / USB 3.0, 4 bay drive box (that DrivePool uses via eSATA on this Windows machine). My issue is this: I'm not replacing this machine. I also don't have another machine with eSATA on it. I bought a Synology, and need to get the data off this box (the Synology has
  2. Hey, I recently bought my first USB 3.0 enclosure for my old HDD and noticed with the Scanner running on my HTPC (Win 7 x64) on the last stable version and the newest beta 3103 (with no WMI and no unsafe IO) that the SMART attributes could not be read: According to the LOG, I think it somehow chooses to use the ScsiPassthroughJmicron method: Scanner.Service.exe Information 0 [Disks] Creating disk... 2018-04-14 09:25:14Z 66476300502 Scanner.Service.exe Information 0 [DiskInfo] Opening ATA pass-through... 2018-04-14 09:25:14Z 66476301483 Scanner.Service.exe Information
  3. I am consistently getting warnings about overheating USB drives that are plugged into my N54L One example is shown below. It is obviously incorrect as the drive is cool to the touch. StableBit Scanner Heat Warning on "SHREDDER". One or more disks are overheating: Seagate Expansion USB Device - 145˚C (Maximum 54˚C)Model: ST1000LM010-9YH146Serial number: ****
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