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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, Use this since a friend of mine advised to use stablebit. Actually, it's so many products that I give Alex a headache hahaha Anyway, here's the specification, my friend and stablebit have the same onedrive plans, despite all the same parameters, his friend's speed is 180 mbit, mine is only 69 mbit, despite the connection from the same service provider. if i am trying to send faster it gets "throttled" but no friend. I've already discussed this issue with additional Microsoft admins but never got any helpful support. I'm here to. My carefully researched friend's picture works fine with 2x, but mine is set to 3x, but 8x sometimes works with 10x. That's the only difference I can see. Sorry for my bad english. greetings to everyone!
  2. Hi I'm after some experiences with OneDrive Business. After using Google Drive with no issues with speed, I'm not having a good upload experience. I have created 5x5TB drives using separate OneDrive Business accounts, all pooled with DrivePool using the DrivePool fixed placement plugin so each drive fills up one at a time. I have set the storage chunk size to 100mb. I have experimented with 2/5/10/20 threads and have seen the speed get upto 200mbps. Overall I'm lucky to see 6GB an hour of actual moved data to the cloud. Any ideas how to tweak, I have a 1TB cache and this is quickly filling and would take a week to move to the cloud if I stopped all of the transfers Thanks for reading.
  3. The creation of a new drive ends in error. “There was an error formatting a new drive. You can try to format it manually from Disk Management. Time out waiting for the new drive to arrive.” Manually formatting the drive is not possible, the drive is offline. Trying to get the drive online also ends up in error “I/O Device error”. I also noted that seconds after creating a new drive, the DrivePool Interface goes offline for about a minute.
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