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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, I'm trying to figure out the best way to encrypt all my drives that are part of my DrivePool. Should I... a - use CloudDrive to encrypt each disk individually as a 'Local Disk' provider, then add each encrypted drive to the drive pool. b - add all the unencrypted drives to the drive pool, then encrypt the entire pool with CloudDrive as a 'Local Disk' and use the encrypted version of the pool c - use some 3rd party encryption program to encrypt the drives, then add them to the drive pool d - add all unencrypted drives to the pool, then use 3rd party encryption to encrypt the whole pool If I encrypt a drive with CloudDrive using the 'Local Disk' provider, does this leverage the AES instructions in my processor? Or does it do the encryption in a software layer? Thanks!
  2. My understanding is that 'cloud drives' on Cloud Storage Providers cannot be accessed without CloudDrive, but can a Local Disk 'cloud drive' be directly accessed/browsed via Windows? (similar to DrivePool's PoolPart folders) For DrivePool, knowing that the files would still be accessible even if DrivePool is not, is, to me, extremely reassuring, and it would be similarly for CloudDrive. Thanks — Tom
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