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  1. Hi, I'm trying out the trial on my new WHS 2011 install and it doesn't seem to me that the file duplication is working. I have duplication enable on the folders I wold like to duplicate. The drive pool is at 50% with a waening that once clicked, gives me the option to "duplicate now". Over the past 2 days I've clicked this numerous times at various intervals and nothing changes. It's always says that my pool is 2.07 TB and Duplication is 129GB, that has never changed. This was an upgrade from WHS V1 and I followed the guide on how to upgrade, so actually the files are duplicated ov
  2. Lakmus85

    Overlay Icons

    Hi all. First of all, thanks to developers for such a simple yet great tool! I've been using it only for two days, but liked it very much. I have some propositions for the further product improvements, and will describe them in the forum First of them, that could make life easier, is displaying some kind of overlay icons on the folders in the windows files explorer, like in the duplication tree, that will show that folder is x2 or x1+ level of duplication. (it's not always useful to open duplication option dialog to find the "safe" folders. Of course x1 is useless overlay except the case i
  3. Question: What should I do with a second partition of a 3tb drive that is in my pool? First off, here is my pool 3 drives, 2, 2tb drives, and one 3tb drives. I’m just not sure of the best way to use a 3tb drive in the pool, where I rely on duplication as a form of saving data if a drive were to fail. I hope this makes sense…. Here is my concern. DrivePool duplicates my duplicated data among the same 3tb drive within the 2 partitions not knowing it is the same drive, now if that drive fails I will lose the first and second copy of data. Thanks in advance.
  4. Running BETA on 2012 Essentials, see lots of references to duplication in the changelog but can't find any UI to configure it. The manual seems to reference the older version within the dashboard. As I understand it there is no dashboard integration, the only options I see is a link in Server Folder Tasks, but it just launches the DrivePool app. Anyone have some pointers?
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