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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone. Had a little look through the forums and haven't really found a direct answer for my query so will try here instead. I currently have a rather large server consisting of 20 Drives in a XCase RM420. This currently comprises of 4 x 4TB (all connected directly to the satay ports on the mobo) and 16 x 2TB drives connected to two Supermicro SASLP-MV8 expansion cards (8 per card). All works perfectly via WHS 2011 and I use drive pool to give me one big disk and in honesty it all works perfectly. I upgraded the 4TB disks in last few months and all is/was good but of course as time goes on Im going to start running out of space again so I need to find a way to increase storage space and I don't really want to change cases or create an extra array in another case. So initial thoughts are that it would be good to replace some of the existing 2TB drives but this is where the problem lies. The SASLP-MV8 cards don't seem to support anything larger than a 2TB drive (there seem to be lots of contradicting posts all over the forums elsewhere stating they do with different firmware or they don't no matter what you do...either way I wont to be able to change things as simply as possible and the simple way looks to upgrade my expansion cards. From what I have read, the best ones to go for are the IBM M1015 cards as trey do exactly what is needed....as above, I don't need any raid functionality, so the JBOD functionality is perfect for what I need...bt herein lies the point that I need some assistance from the techies here. As stated above, my system is pretty big and pretty full and if I want to replace the cards (which is simple to do) I;m worried about what will happen to my existing drive pool. If I remove the existing cards or card if I change just one at a time, will be able to just plug in the cards and the drive pool be recognised, or is it not as simple as that. I really don't want to have to migrate all of the data OFF of the drives first as you can imagine having to remove 8 full 2TB drives from a drive pool is going to take a lot of time and effort as there is nowhere else in the drive pool for all of that data to go. Whes the only way is the hardest way)If anyone is able to help with these queries Id be eternally grateful Whilst I am doing this it makes sense for me to upgrade to the latest version of drive pool as well...so am I able to do this with the system in tact or does everything have to be started from scratch...if it is a fresh build then id probably just live with the version I'm currently running Whatever happens, are some point in the relative near future this will HAVE to be done, so I might as well start looking at my options....fingers crossed its the one with less work and effort (but of course sods law dictates the only way is the hardest way)If anyone is able to help with these queries Id be eternally grateful
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