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  1. had to re-install Win10 and now I can't get Clouddrive to re-authorize Google Drive. I don't know what else to try. the authorization process is pretty simple. I've revoked all authorizations and retired probably 20 times, but no go. Edit: Performed a fresh reinstall of Win10. Installed clouddrive and it worked this time.
  2. Hey there. I use CD for Plex media in Google Drive. Works fine. My server crashes about weekly and I still haven't been able to figure out why, but CD takes 5 hours to remount and check and re-upload each time. Which leads me to my questions: 1. I have 2 cloud drives one for 10T which is limited to 10 by my setup restrictions at chunk size. I have another drive setup at 250T because I upped the chunk size to support that size drive. Should I Keep that 250T drive or break it into several smaller drives? I"m hoping that as I fill it it won't start causing me trouble. 2. Would there be any benefit in using DrivePool for my system as I fill my drives? Many thanks for your time and advise.
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