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  1. Resolving this issue requiered copying all the data from an old drive to a new drive. I believe it was fragmentation as the root cause.
  2. I have a 15TB clouddrive, backed by a gsuite account, and performance has gotten significantly worse than it used to be. I'm on a 300/300 fiber connection, and using a 100gb expandable cache on an SSD. Clouddrive generally reports a download speed of 60-100mbps. Even 720 content like 4000kbps buffers constantly. This doesn't seem possible if its downloading 60mpbs. 1080 6000kbps content is unwatchable. when I look at the clouddrive in perfmon it generally shows 100% activity. The SSD activity, CPU, and RAM are all very low usage. I have prefetch enabled, but it doesn't seem to work consistently. It shows me a "hit rate" regularly in the 30-60% rate or something, even when the only thing happening is a single stream being watched (which I would think would be giving a 100% hit rate). Does the prefetcher prefetch files? Or prefetch blocks? If it is prefetching blocks, is fragmentation an issue on a clouddrive that could be confusing the prefetcher (eg, its downloading the next block, which doesn't actually contain the file i'm watching, wasting bandwidth, and causing a cache miss?) Defragging this would seem to be super slow since it would effectively have to download and upload every block to do it (perhaps multiple times). I've tried all kinds of different prefetch settings, different block sizes, different minimum read sizes, nothing seems to work. Any ideas?
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