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  1. It was not in there at all - the Balancing subdirectory was empty. Turning off A/V seems to have fixed it - once I clicked through all the Sky-Is-Falling notifications, tried the installer again, worked immediately. It has been quite some time since I've had to do that - I'd forgotten it was a thing, honestly. Thanks!
  2. Maybe I'm missing something, or just challenged... I'm running v2.3.0.1144 BETA due to some issues that I had with the pool randomly deciding that I didn't actually want some folders duplicated - it would just go from x2 to x1 with no input from me, then take a significant amount of time to reduplicate once I noticed and turned it back on. That seems to have gotten better, as it has not happened for months now with this version. Aside from that, I am preparing to move DrivePool to a new box and thought it would be a good time to install the SSD Optimizer, since I will have ports and
  3. I posted about this last year or earlier this year and never really got an answer, then it went away, and now it is back again... At seemingly random intervals (I have been unable to figure out what triggers it) my drive pool will decide that I didn't *really* want those folders to be duplicated and will turn off folder duplication. It then takes me literally days of waiting for it to reduplicate after I tell it to do so. It does not turn off all folder duplication - just certain folders, and not even the same ones consistently. For example, today it decided that I didn't need my TV
  4. Funny - now it has turned back on, but it is re-duplicating everything. I'll run the troubleshooter again...
  5. And, for the first time since July, it has done it again. Troubleshooter data uploaded.
  6. I do not have real time duplication disabled. The only other software running on this box is Plex. I've updated to the latest beta, running the troubleshooter now.
  7. I'm running Drivepool v2.2.2.934 on a Win10 box dedicated to the task. I have my movies/tv shows set to maintain two copies of each file by enabling folder duplication on the folder, 2x. It totals about 10TB unduplicated. I have my pictures set to maintain 3 copies of each, total unduplicated size is 362GB. Yesterday I log into the computer and notice that the free space on my drivepool has increased dramatically - for some reason, it is no longer duplicating the video folder, although the picture folder remains unchanged. This is at least the third time this has happened over the last mo
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