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  1. That drive has been on 2 different controller cards via SATA and now on a motherboard SATA connection. Been rebooted countless times since november (when I got the drive) and still is the only drive to retain that label (one of the drives in the pool went in the dock over crimbo whilst i was trying to figure out a freezing issue and had the label then lost it when it regained SATA connection. The SATA ports on the bios have the hotswap disabled as well. The freezing was the bios overclock. Once turned off. The system has been stable ever since. How do I reset se
  2. hi! i've got the package, so i get the more details in Drivepool when highlighting a drive. the latest drive i added, it started in my USB3 dock whilst i set it up [do the checks before adding in to the pool] and its now in the server on SATA connection. but it still says "this is an external drive" as per the attached image. is there any way to correct this? regard,
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