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  1. AdamJWChen BETA stop trasmitting

    Hi, I am testing BETA for about one week. I am transmitting about 2TB to Google Drive, I encountered twice the uploading stopped automatically, I have to restart the Cloud Drive service to make the transmitting resume. Just to report this case, not sure if others have the same issue.
  2. AdamJWChen

    How to make "File Share" provider work?

    Hi, I have a network server share with path \\testsvr\files, the path can be accessed via my login account. I tried to use "File Share" provider to add a Cloud Drive on this network share. I already configured the path and logon credentials. I am able to connect this share path but unable to create a drive, error msg is access denied. Any idea?
  3. AdamJWChen

    Attach to another computer

    Thanks for the feedback.
  4. AdamJWChen

    Attach to another computer

    Hi, If I have a drive attached with home PC and the PC is shutdown. Can I attach the drive to another PC and doing some file changes? When I boot up my PC, will the drive still in good shape?