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  1. Hello! I have the SSD plugin installed and all my HDDs marked as "archive" disks. My HDDs have 11.5TB free space on them, but for some reason the SSD still has 127GB of unduplicated data on it. Is this expected function? I'd prefer this drive stay as clear as possible for new incoming files. Thanks for any help.
  2. Hello. I have a gigabit Internet connection and the performance appears to be heavily diminished by my DrivePool array. I'll start at my expected rates, 100+ MBps, but it quickly falls off to 30-40MBps. I have an SSD incoming to implement the SSD caching feature. Will this bump me back up to my old Internet speeds? MODS: I've posted this into the wrong Nuts and Bolts forum. Cannot find an option to edit or move it myself.
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