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  1. Hi Guys, My setup is: Disk 0 - Boot Drive - 240GB SSD - Sata Disk 1 - t1 - 4TB - Sata Disk 2 - t2 - 6TB - Sata Disk 3 - t4 - 2TB - Sata Disk 4 - f1 - 4TB - Sata Disk 5 - 3 way partition - 2TB - Sata Disk 6 - t - 14TB - DrivePool T Disk 7 - f - 4TB - DrivePool F Disk 8 - t3 - 4TB - USB My motherboard is Asus P8P67 Pro. I've only got 6 of the drives connected by sata, as I couldn't get the two Marvell ports to see any drives, however I'd much rather use all 8 sata ports. I use StableBit DrivePool and I have 2 pooled drives - My pooled drives are set up in Windows Disk Management without drive letters but they have a path to C:\drives\f, C:\drives\t1, C:\drives\t2, C:\drives\t3 & C:\drives\t4 for the storage setup. Originally the F drive had 2 x 2TB drives however I had to add one of them to the T pool to increase storage space, so my F pool is actually one drive on its own. I'm planning on replacing the 2TB (T pool) with another 6TB drive, however I'm struggling with lack of sata connections on my mboard at the moment. If I simply unplug the 4TB (F pool) drive, then connect the 6TB, add to T pool, then remove the 2TB from the T pool, can I then reconnect the 4TB (F pool) drive. Will my plan work with no data loss - I had a 4TB hdd fail from the T pool 2 weeks ago, I made the mistake of removing it first, then added the 6TB but I'd lost about 3TB of data as the existing drives weren't large enough to deal with the 4TB removal. I'm still slowly recovering all the lost data. Sorry for the long post but I wanted to let you all have a little history of my setup.
  2. Hey, My PC currently has several hard drives installed Disk 0: 240SSD - Boot Drive, (C:) Disk 1: 4TB - (No Drive Letter) - (Disk 1) **Should be C:\Drives\tv1** Disk 2: 4TB - (No Drive Letter) - (Disk 2) **Should be C:\Drives\tv2** Disk 3: 2TB - (No Drive Letter) - (C:\Drives\films1) Disk 4: 2TB - (No Drive Letter) - (C:\Drives\films2) Disk 5: 750GB, Partitioned as D, Y & C:\Drives\films3 **Should be C:\Drives\tv3** Disk 6: Virtual F Drive (DrivePool Disk 3 & Disk 4) Disk 7: Virtual T Drive (DrivePool Disk 1 & Disk 2 & Partition on Disk 5 & Disk 8) Disk 8: 500GB - No Drive Letter - (C:\Drives\tv2) **Should be C:\Drives\tv4** I've currently got 2 drivepools active - F (4TB) and T, (8.7TB) I'm looking at adding 2 new 4TB drives and moving a 2TB, so I would end up with: F: (3 x 4TB) T: (1 x 4TB & 1 x 2TB) D: & Y sharing (1 x 2TB) So, I want to remove Disk5 and Disk8 - adding the 2 x 4TB drives. Can I phyiscally remove the drives and swap them over without changing DrivePool initially or do I need to remove from pool and then add to pool. The only reason I ask is that I don't have any Sata connections left on my PC, So I would have to connect them as USB drives and then add them to the pool etc - then physically move them from USB to sata connection etc... Whats the best way to do this?
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