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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, I think I understand now. I'll have a go at this tonight.
  2. This is the part that I don't exactly follow. Could you explain it in more detail please? Ive just spent 24hrs moving 3Tb from the 3 drives to the new pool, and now it sounds like its got to be moved again :o( So at the moment all my media is in Pool A and I can see a duplication of the photos in the hidden folder on the Google drive I've drawn out what I think you mean.... Just explain the fastest way to move the terabytes of media quickly from Pool A to Pool B? Thanks Stuart.
  3. I think I've worked it out. Added the google drive to to the pool and set the permissions in the balancing section, Then selected which folders I wanted to duplicate. Does that sound about right? Thanks!
  4. Hi, New user love the product so far. What I'd like to do however is have a folder of my photos that I store locally on a local pool duplicated to a drive/pool Ive created that sits on Google drive, so I know I'll have a backup if my server bursts into flames. Is this possible? Thanks Stuart.
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