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  1. Hello, I have been using DP for a couple of years now, has worked great. However, couple of days ago I received a drive disconnection notice. Rebooted, checked all connections,drives come back on. After that, it was VERY SLOW opening folders (green bar "working on it"). Last night it began to deny file modification permissions, adding folders, etc. Permission denied. Ran the troubleshooter before bed, when I saw it this morning it had error-ed, and now it will not let me in to my folders. Product is licensed. Win 10 Pro Thanks, Stay well, John
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    Hello, My pool is filling one drive up at a time, getting drive full when adding files. I want them to fill evenly... Help! TIA, Happy Holidays!
  4. Hello. When connected with USB 3, Scanner tells me "on disk health checks are not accessible on any of your disks" When connected with eSATA through THIS, disk health function is available , however, only 3 of 4 drives are visible. System; Win 10 Asus Maximus X Hero Samsung 1 TB 970 Pro in M1 X4 Wd 500 in M2 X4 2 x 4 bay Mediasonic non-RAID enclosure WD Red drives Usb3 connection 32gb memory Thanks
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